Our Mandate

"The people who know God will be strong and do great exploits." Daniel 11:32b

In other words: We want to be known as friends of Jesus who make our whole lives an act of worship and obedience to Him. As we do this, we know our lives will be transformed so that we become more and more like Him; set apart and holy. As the King lives inside of us, we too will walk in the power and authority we need to impact the earth.

What does that look like?

Currently, Tribe of Zion runs Sunday mornings following worship and is for children ages 3 and up. We believe that families need to worship together as the children are an integral part of the body of Christ. There are special times we will do a full service with the children, but normally we take our place alongside the adults. Children are free to dance, sing, and draw as they respond to our King.

When we go downstairs the children enter a safe environment where they will learn through large and small group teaching encompassing a variety of teaching tools to learn scripture, practical applications of God's word, how to hear from God, and ways to build their faith and understanding.

We do not believe that there is a junior and senior Holy Spirit. We believe that when God moves, it is upon all flesh – including the young. For this reason, you will not find much difference in what is being taught to the adults versus the children – other than the way we cut it up and serve it.

We believe children can hear from the Lord. We believe children can move in gifts of the Spirit and in intercession. We believe children can learn to "give a reason for the hope they profess" and have a strong foundation in why they believe what they believe.

Tribe of Zion follows the "Plan to Protect" model for security. All of our workers have had criminal record checks and a strong ratio also have first aid training. Children are served a nut-free snack during their time with us. From time to time the children remain upstairs in order to take part in a service with a special speaker, or another activity with the body. (communion, baptisms, etc.) On the last Sunday of the month, there will be no Tribe of Zion for children ages 3 years & up. Children will stay in the sanctuary with their parents.

Tribe of Zion is a wonderful family of children and leaders who are passionate about seeing God's best for them.


The nursery room is available for children from birth to age 2. Live streaming of the service is available in the nursery room, for parents.