About Apostolic Missions

The purpose of the Ekklesia and by extension the local assembly is defined by the apostolic mission. The mission of the Ekklesia is the job description or the specific assignment given it to fulfill. We are called to be a Lighthouse To All Nations.
God is a missionary God. He sent His son to earth on a mission and Jesus in turn sent out His Apostles who were commissioned by the HolySpirit with a clear assignment- the Great commission. The task is very clear- Witnesses, the message is solid- Witness of the gospel of the Kingdom with power. The geographical scope is well defined-To All Nations starting from Jerusalem, all Judea, and Samaria, and to the end of the earth (Acts 1:8).
It is in the context of the above that members of our congregation find expressions of their call and are supported to seek what place or what people they are called to reach.
Our local assembly has supported missionaries and work among the unreached people's group of Hani in China for 7 years. We have supported and are still in support of the marginalized Ogoni people in Nigeria through Glad Tidings ministries, and to Guatemalans through Freelance Missions

Glad Tidings

Glad Tidings Ministries (AKA Glad Tidings Evangelistic Association and Glad Tidings To All nations Ministries), founded in 1999, was born out of hearts of compassion and a deep desire to respond to the desperate needs facing the people in Africa especially the impoverished Ogoni tribe in the Southern/Delta Region of Nigeria, West Africa.

Freelance Missions

Guatemala with the Leiers Freelance
Missions operates primarily in Guatemala, working alongside non-profit mission organizations and teams to provide healthcare to the people of Guatemala. Nearly 75% of Guatemala’s Mayan people live in extreme poverty, subsisting on an average income of less than $1 each day. Guatemala’s governmental institutions are unable to meet the medical, dental, social, and education needs of its rural, indigenous populations. Freelance Missions works with organizations and mission teams from the United States, Canada, and Europe to provide high-quality, low-cost services to bridge the gap in services and help build bright futures for the Mayan people.

Short Term Missions (Nigeria)

One of the power engines that keeps a church healthy is its commitment not only to a long term apostolic mission alone but Short Terms. Short term Missions ( STM) typically are needed to help immerse the heart and feet of participants into our global call - To All Nations. This keeps the local assembly focussed and healthy. When an apostolic mission is lacking resources , time, energy and money are spent on activity God hasn’t called the church to do.

Lighthouse continues to undertake short term missions ranging from 10days to 6 weeks. We have reached the Nations of China, Cuba, Guatemala, Nigeria, Ghana, Jamaica, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Africa, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Morocco, Kenya, Malaysia, and Singapore to name a few.

In the last couple of years, our short term mission has focussed on Kingdom empowerment and entrepreneurship training of nationals in Nigeria. The plan is to take it to other African nations and beyond - http://www.3keys.ca/.