What is Global Teams Alliance?

In January 2010 a group of apostolic people met together in Saskatoon at the Pre-Launch of Global Teams Alliance (GTA). The need was seen for relational accountability, protection, prayer covering & strengthened relationships in order to bring about spiritual growth and development and to release apostolic blessings to the next generation. We invite you to come and be a part of this network of apostolic leaders and see your own leadership gifts be activated.

GTA Leaders

Passionately committed to reaching out to the world

Femi Ogunrinde


Remi Ogunrinde


Jane Park

Director of Prayer

Iris Williams

Executive Administrator

Mission Statement

Global Teams Alliance (GTA) is an alliance of visionary leaders who are connected relationally to bring transformation to their specific spheres of influence in society.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of GTA to build relationships, to raise teams, to connect, to equip and strengthen leaders for the advancement of the kingdom in every city, region and nation.

Ten Core Values

Dedication and deep relationship with Christ and His Word

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