About Our Care Ministry

It is recognized that within an apostolic mandate there are still the needs of everyday life. As in Acts 6: 2-6 it is the goal of the pastoral team to help assist with the practical side of ministry so that the apostolic leadership of the house can focus on the ministry of the Word of God.

Currently the team consists of Ted & Agnes Kenworthy, Glenn and Angela Fink, Jocelyn Pollonais, and Al & Becki Weisbrod. They are often called upon to be the first responders to difficult family situations. Their ministry is relational, touching and supporting the hearts and lives of those that are part of the body within Lighthouse To All Nations Church. Hospital visitations, crises management, taking time to connect over a coffee or meal just to see how someone is doing, encouraging, laughing & crying with those we call family, ready to give a warm embrace, rejoicing and celebrating with those who call Lighthouse home.